P&C role descriptions

The following role descriptions are intended as a guide only. Each role may vary depending on the individual that fulfils the position and the requirements of the committee at the time.


The P&C President has the fundamental role of providing leadership to the parent community which includes having an awareness of parental concerns and expectations and being an active participant in the school’s planning and priority setting.


Responsible for formulating the annual objectives for the P&C and delegating duties in order to achieve this plan. Chairs Executive, Convenor & P&C meetings, represents P&C in regular meetings with the School Principal.

Vice President

The role of the vice president is to support the president and other committee members as well as the school. It is a role that is ideally shared between two people.


Support the president and other committee members and subcommittee members. This includes taking an active role in assisting with any events being organised by one of the sub-committees, and escalating and resolving any issues encountered at the sub-committee level; Be prepared to take on independent projects as required from time-to-time. Attend the P&C & Executive & Convenor meetings and assist with issues arising; Be prepared to take minutes in the absence of the secretary. You may be called upon to relieve the P&C president in their absence. You will also need to recruit someone to take over your position when you leave.


The Secretary is the principal administrative officers of the Association. They contribute significantly to the smooth running of the P&C, and to maintaining transparent communications within the school community (through accurate minutes etc).


Takes minutes at each P&C meeting for distribution to all members before the next meeting; receives agenda items before and prepares agenda of each meeting in consultation with the President; keeps a continual record of the business of the P&C by maintaining minutes, P&C rules, attendance records and list of financial members; writes outgoing correspondence as needed; deals with and maintains a record of all incoming and outgoing correspondence; attends executive and P&C meetings; must be willing to receive queries from the school community and direct appropriately.


Key role on the P&C executive team. The P&C raises, manages and invests into the school a substantial amount of money each year. The Treasurer manages the planning and tracking of the financial results of the P&C, ensuring the P&C is complying with Australian Accounting Standards. An accounting background is ideal for these roles (but not mandatory).


Maintains financial records using Excel spreadsheets. Prepares monthly reports. Responsible for payment of any P&C expenses. Oversees payment of P&C accounts and invoices (joint signatory, along with President); Checks bank reconciliations at month-end & throughout the year. Presents reports at executive and P&C meetings. Prepares books and accounts for audit as required; maintains P&C insurances. Provides a high-level analytical review of financial results; Reviews any relevant annual sub-committee reports for consistency.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising committee is responsible and has oversight for all major fundraising activities within the P&C.  Convene and run meetings of the Fundraising Committee.  Oversees the Fundraising calendar.  Take the lead and/or delegate responsibilities for specific school fundraising projects.  Establish and maintain partnerships with local businesses to support our social & fundraising events.  Works to obtain grants. Attends and reports to P&C meetings.