Community support

The Kegworth P&C supports not only the school but the community around the school. We actively encourage parents, teachers, friends and our kids to give back to the community through various initiatives. Below highlights just some of the work that we love giving back to the community.

Social & Community fund raising and grants

The Kegworth P&C is committed to supporting more than just the school and its children. It takes a whole community to raise and teach our kids and to support that we constantly look at various fundraising initiatives and grants that contribute to the entire Kegworth community.

Sustainability & Recycling projects

Kegworth Public School may wear blue but are green at heart. Our kids are being taught all about sustainable living and how we should recycle where we can. This helps our kids understand the value of preserving and protecting our environment today and into the future.

To help support this we participate in a number of activities including:

  • Cultivating a worm farm and selling our “worm juice” which is great for the garden
  • Actively encourage recycling with recycling bins throughout the school
  • Planting native trees and shrubs around the school grounds
Our Sponsors

While the parents and teachers always love to contribute to our community, a lot of this couldn’t be done without the great support that we get from our local business people, local, state and federal members of the government as well as other engaged members of the community. Here’s a big shout out to some of our “extended family”: