Kegworth music program

The Kegworth Music Program aims to create and promote a nurturing music environment for Kegworth students. Co-curricular music ensembles provide a chance for interested students to broaden their knowledge and practice of music. All K – 6 Kegworth students are currently taught the music curriculum, which is delivered by a specialist music teacher.


A large number of students are involved in a range of band, string, recorder and choir ensembles. Rehearsals take place either before or after school, or during lunchtimes. Kegworth Public School currently hosts two concert bands, two string ensembles, two recorder groups and two choirs.

Ensembles perform at school and community events.

Find out more at the Kegworth Music page on FaceBook or email If your child is interested in joining any of the Kegworth ensembles please refer to the relevant handbook below which includes full information and an application form.

Strings Ensembles

Kegworth Music Program currently contains a junior and a senior string ensemble. Junior string players can start at any time during primary school. Seniors string players advance from the junior ensemble once their playing reaches a senior level. Our string ensembles are conducted by the wonderful Bridget Hall.

String Handbook 2021

Band Ensembles

The Kegworth Music Program currently includes a Junior and Senior band. Students can play in the following sections: brass, woodwind, percussion, rhythm (keyboard, guitar and bass guitar). Interested students can start in the Junior Band from Year 2. Students advance to the next band once their playing has reached the required level for that band. Our fantastic band coordinator is Kate Whitton.

Band Handbook 2021

Recorder Ensembles

Kegworth currently has junior and senior recorder ensembles. Rehearsals occur during lunchtimes. Interested students can start with the Junior recorder from Kindy.

Recorder Handbook 2021

Choir Ensembles

Currently the program has junior and senior choir ensembles. Interested students can start in the Junior choir (the Kookaburra choir) from Kindy.

Participation in the choir is a great introduction to the music program.

Choir Handbook 2021