Autumn Fair Aims

Fundraising Goals

The Kegworth Autumn Fair 2024 presented by The Ark, Haberfield has a fundraising goal.

Our Kegworth Public School Parents and Citizens’ Association (P&C) spearhead all fundraising activities and drive local community engagement.  For 2024, the P&C has been asked by the parent lead subcommittees and Principal to raise funds to support these key areas for 2024.

  • Staff professional development for the learning and planning to implement the 2023 NSW Curriculum Reform.  Staff are focusing on the area of Maths in 2024.
  • Continued funding a specialized Sport and Fundamental Movement Teacher.  This professional sports person and teacher has enchanted the children by their professional approach to sport skills, ability to teach programs that suits individual physical ability, and demand a higher level of engagement and participation.
  • Continued funding for future and ongoing school infrastructure upgrades.

Autumn Fair Goals

The Autumn Fair is the main fundraising activity for the Kegworth P&C.  The Fair aims are derived from the purpose of the P&C to ensure a fun, quality and achievable event that can be executed by a small school body of volunteers.

AIM 1: Fundraising

1.1 The Autumn FARE is the main fundraising event for the school.

1.2 The FARE will focus on activities and stalls that generate the most profit.

1.3 Sponsorship and donations from the local community and school population will be the cornerstone of the Fair.

AIM 2: Engagement

The Autumn Fair is an opportunity for fun and engagement with the local community.

2.1 To raise the profile of the Kegworth P&C and engage with the school community in a positive way.

2.2 For the school community to engage with each other, alumni, and peer local schools, businesses, and community members.

2.3 The school community to engage with their own fundraising goals.

2.4 Give local and parent-based businesses an opportunity to advertise and be philanthropic.

AIM 3: Sustainability

3.1 To create an environmentally sustainable event.

3.2 Ensure volunteers health and time commitment is managed so the event has enthusiastic continuity.

Autumn Fair 2016 aerial